Wednesday, December 27, 2006

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Good - Bye, My First Blog Page

Good-bye, my precious page.

Hello to something new! Please join me at the following page:

See you there!

The End of An Era


I regret to inform you that this blog is ending. ***Tear***

I am tired of the format getting messed up - so I will be beginning a brand new blog.

Oooh, I heard the applause from the audience! :) Please continue to join me in my adventure. If I'm on your links or page in any way, you will need to change my link to my new blog homepage. I will post up on here when I am making the transfer.

It's really okay. I like change, and I think it will be good to start fresh. Blogging has been therapeutic and encouraging and energizing as I continue to communicate, be challenged, and be spurred on by many of your comments and suggestions.

See you on another page, my friends!

Friday, May 05, 2006


I am computer illiterate - i dont know what happened, but all the sudden, my profile pic and links ended up at the BOTTOM LEFT side of my page!

Can someone please help me figure out how to get them back up to the top right? I'm so confused....may just need to start over....unless someone knows how to help!

Thank YOU!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Friends Part 2


Because the first post wouldnt let me upload more photos - I broke it into two posts...

Oh Joanna! What would my life be like had I never met you? A330 2004 changed my life, and God was glorious to bring you into my life that day. You are a deep-heart friend. I like that we can wrestle through our crap, cry together, walk early in the mornings and pray together, love the nations with one heart, laugh until we pee our pants - well, literally! Thanks for introducing me to your family - I've never met one quite as deep, loving, inspiring, and endeering as yours. Your heart is my David - I am your Jonathan. And I think we were twins separated at birth. Seriously. You are my bestest friend. And so pretty in this picture!

Laura! So great to catch up with this treasured friend. Even though months and months pass without a conversation between us, we pick up like we just talked yesterday. Laura, you challenge me, you brighten my day, you make me love the Lord and remind me how HUGE He is. I'm glad we can continue to be like-hearted, to keep each other aware of our hearts and our dreams, and that you love me. Your friendship is a treasure to me. He gives and takes away - and I'll always think of you when He does so in my life!

Oh Miss Miya. I've never had a two 1/2 year old friend until you. You teach me so much about life, childlike faith, simple thinking, and that life is precious, created, and worth exploring. I love when you wake me up in the morning. I love when we laugh together. I love that you pray for me every day. Thanks for bringing out my crazy side. Thanks for reading me books, especially "Don't worry duck - we'll make a deal!" I know I will never forget these years with you - and I hope someday we will be good friends, no matter what. You're the coolest cat, and I've got your back. Thanks for being the coolest niece ever. I'm glad I'm your aunt.

And I could go on. And on and on. We have the greatest, bestest, and most enduring friends. I have no idea why God would bestow these people on us but to draw us more unto Himself. I love you Jesus - thanks for my friends.

Friends Part 1

How did Marcus and I come to have some of the greatest friends in the world? We are definately blessed. I am choosing to highlight a few "key players" in our lives right now.

Andrew - What a guy! Marcus praises you more and more as the months go by. Thanks for remaining a faithful friend to him. Marcus is always so refreshed when he returns home from time with you. I think your roadtrip to Colorado was the coolest things he's ever had anyone do for him. Even me! You are a great friend.

Jeremy. (No photo available) You and Marcus are two guys I might not have thought would become such great friends. But what a blessing! Marcus enjoys the depth of conversations, the disc golf partner, and the blessings that you pour out upon him. You've been a great friend to me over the years - I'm glad that we can both cherish your coolness! :)

Derek. You are the coolest brother-in-law EVER. (unless Linds and Jess can prove me wrong!) Marcus looks up to you in so many ways, and talks about you more than you know. You've taught him a lot about life, about being a daddy, about being a friend, challenging his thinking, and teaching how to be a DUDE through disc golf, finger snaps, poker, beer, grilling, building, and tearing apart things. Basically, you are one of the coolest guys he knows. You rock.

Lori and Amy. Wow. Two people I dont deserve to have in my life. Amy - you are a testimony of the Lord's great mercy and grace upon me. You are someone I cherish, and I am blessed that we can struggle through life together. Lori - you are an answer to a year's worth of prayer. Being that you are an answer to prayer, you bless my life indeed! Thanks for your faithfulness and for taking me under your wing Monday nights. You're amazing.

Joni. You are the best and ONLY sister in law I get! (Unless Brian pulls through!) I love it! You and I are so different, yet we click in many ways. Thanks for always prying me open and making me talk. You are the greatest mommy and I am glad we are like sisters. I think I'd come to you with anything I need help with. You are confident, you are classy, you are SO FUNNY at Truth or Dare, and I love to laugh, cry, and just BE with you. You're a great friend for life.

Oh, Al Pal - there is NOBODY like you. I dont think I'll ever know anyone like you! You are the most unique, most genuine, most carefree and honest person I've ever known. You were my first college friend. You are my most closest buddy on a daily basis. MSN is a blessing! :) You never cease to bring a smily to my face, to make me laugh, to cry and comfort me, and to shed your emtions and burdens as openly as though we were sisters. Thanks for keeping me accountable, for listening to my sin, and for giving me grace and loving me regardless. You are a lifer. I friend for life, my dear. You are a precious gem - so precious.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Who Would've Thought

Who would've thought that I'd gain the most perspective, be challenged daily, and be encouraged to grow and learn and shift with life from blogging! It's one of those "beyond what we can ask for or imagine" things! Seriously. How strange that I gain so much from fellow believers who I will likely never see face to face? God, thank you for technology and this crazy world of blogging.

Please check this out. It gave me a sense of peace today, and in my head I said "YES! It's true! That's totally what I'm experiencing. I wish I had KNOWN that before leaving school, that somehow I would have prepared for it!" But, at the same time, I'm really glad I didnt know about it. The darkness of 2005 in my life was what God used to "sift me like wheat" - seriously. I was sifted. And I HAD to go through it to find my footing, my own, individual, real, deep, and true faith and relationship with Christ. It's like we're in a new relationship! Like I'm starting over, but on a different level. My base is sturdy now, and it's time to ricochet out of here! :)

I guess you have to be in my head to really get this. But check out the post anyways. It's a good one.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Uh Oh...

50 %

My weblog owns 50 % of me.
Does your weblog own you?

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Fun Friday

So, even though it's Thursday night as I'm writing this, I wanted to get a post out there for ya'll to read on Friday. I might not be at my desk much - spring cleaning will be happening in the back tomorrow at work. Therefore, please enjoy this post.

Going with the theme of doing something "different" on my blog, I'd like to add this as a new thing. So today, Marcus and I became the rich owners of a world map! I say rich b/c we've wanted to have a world map up in our home to pray for the nations - and BAM, one falls into our laps for free. Indeed we are rich!

So today, I'd love it if each of you who reads this would pause your reading and pray for the country of Uganda. It is evidently on my heart this weekend - as there is global awareness happening to draw our eyes to the horrible, mind-boggling things that happen in this country day in and day out (see post and link below). I'd love to see God's hand move in this country to see all of our prayers lifted up for other nations. Today it's Uganda - next week, who knows? ;)

So my good friends - thanks for reading and thanks for praying. It's exciting to get on my knees on behalf of people that exist, but people I may never ever see. God is MIGHTY to save, and He is at work in this small but very active country of Uganda. What an honor to be able to join these friends of ours in spirit and in prayer.

So until next time, I'll keep "exploring the world" until we meet again. I think my camera flash is trying to tell me South America... :)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

When Opportunity Knocks

I have never been one to take part in anything like a "movement" or a "protest" or even an event that will draw awareness. The biggest thing I might have done was Run for the Roses (raises $$$ for arthritis research) and Relay for Life (raises $$$ for cancer research and people). But now I have an opportunity to do something to RAISE AWARENESS.

Check this out:

I'm actually considering participating - just because my heart longs to DO SOMETHING, and because it's happening like 10 miles from where I live, and because I want to learn how it feels to at least have TRIED to make a difference. By joining with others, I can stand up for something I believe in. Something worth fighting for. Even though I cant go to these countries and I cant stand up against the enemies of innocent men, women, and children - I can join together with other like-minded strangers and show someone that I care.

Anyone want to join me? Seriously - I am asking for real. Lemme know. This Saturday - all nigth long. 7pm to 7am. DSM. And we'll be walkin. Any takers?